A Saturday evening

I am sitting on my couch watching Harry Potter deathly hallows pt 1 and thinking “why did I start blogging?” I literally went from primarily a fashion blogger to a beauty blogger to an everything blogger. While deciding to put my creative mind to work, blogging was something that kind of “just happened”. Truthfully, who knows anything about me? So here it goes

My name is Victoria I grew up in Clearwater,FL where the grass is primarily green and the beaches are always filled. I am 23 years and I have a younger brother whos 16, a loving mom and dad who’ve been happily married for over 25+ years. A boyfriend who is currently long distance and fighting to finish my bachelors in Psych while having a full time job as a imaging specialist for a bank. Planning on going to law school, and hopefully get engaged/married/have kids in the next 4 years.

I am beyond obsessed with animals, smoothies, and currently getting my health and finance back on track. A (recovering) shopping addict .. Literally and probably the worst driver out there. My Italian and Vietnamese temper gets the best out of me ( most the time) and I can cook some mean egg rolls.

Now I’m just rambling .. Thanks for being a follower and supporting my new habit ( for now) and everything else!
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