Hair washing


The title of the post is pretty self explanatory.. Washing hair, we all do it but what really is the “best” shampoo and conditioner out there? My opinion is obviously one in millions but hey, I’ve tried out quite a few brands in my lifetime from low end-high.

Low end:
My favorite will have to be Pantene, great smell, great price and has helped my hair a ton when I didn’t want to break the bank. The only con I have was the conditioner isn’t as amazeballs as the higher end conditioners I’ve used.

High end:
This was a hard one between Redken and Biologe but.. The winner is biologe! Gosh, I loveee the smell of it I could sniff my hair all day ( seriously) at a whopping $28 for conditioner ( bigger bottle) smaller around $20 shampoos a few dollars cheaper it really helps detangle my long locks, protects, and nourishes my hair. Con is the price! I tend to go through conditioner in the size above once a month shampoo 1mo- 1 1/2mo.

What is your favorite shampoo & conditioner? Tell me so I can try 😉



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