It’s Christmas Eve, Relax!


wpid-wp-1419193455044.jpgMy gosh, It’s Christmas tomorrow and seriously with this whole holiday season I am completely overwhelmed and in need of a much relaxing day! I am beyond obsessed with this Shea Moisture Lavender Sea Salt soak. Lavender, is known to calm, and relax your mind and body. What better way to relax before Christmas then to have a nice bubble bath with lavender sea salt? The best part about this is it’s a steal price of $10.99 at Target! You only need a few pinches of the salts and your bath is ready to go! Pair it with some candles & you have yourself a spa day at home πŸ™‚

I hope you all have a great Holiday tomorrow is not only Christmas but my darling boyfriends birthday! I won’t be posting until the beginning of the new year so have a blessed, fun, and safe holidays!

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