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Okay so I lied… I can’t seem to get away from this blogging thing so the break didn’t really exist ;). I am so thrilled to introduce you to this natural line of argan oil treatments.

Argan oil is one of my favorite things to use for my hair, in a past post I became obsessed with a hair mask, and oil to put in your hair when you are about to style your hair to help it not frizz. I got the chance to be able to try out this set of Argan Oil products a hair mask, Vitamin C serum & Argan Oil moisturizer. I will admit, I was most excited to try out the hair mask but the moisturizer made me fall in loveee!

All the products are 100% organic, and the multipurpose moisturizer is great to use on your face, skin, hair, & nails. Washing my face first, I applied a pinch of the moisturizer to my face prior to putting on my makeup and my face glowed! The hair mask made me hair feel fantastic which you can use once a week to help strengthen your hair.

You can purchase all 3 of these amazing products as a bundle on Amazon for only $52!

This post was sponsored by InstaNatural all thoughts and opinions are my own while testing out these products.

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