Kate Spade Christmas ( review)

IMG_1768Who doesn’t love a Celine Trapeze look alike bag? I was beyond obsessed and I LOVE Kate Spade, all of her pieces are classic and fabulous. My lovely boyfriend knew that I had spotted this Kate Spade Magnolia Park bag a while back, & I lusted for weeks after it, actually a few months. On Christmas, he made me believe I was getting this Louis Vuitton key pouch I had also wanted but BAM there she was beautiful. When I first saw the bag, I actually didn’t think Trapeze I just thought OH MY GOODNESS this bag needs to be in my wardrobe ASAP! Okay, so on to the review, the only sad thing about this bag is a few key points that are a must for me in any bag.

  1. It needs tons of room
  2. easy to carry/ comfortable
  3. not a pain in the ass ( have to open and close constantly)
  4. Versatile, great structure and a great feel to the bag.

This bag has pretty much all those features except one… the pain in the ass part. Whether you are wearing it on your shoulder or as a tote, it’s a must that you have to close and lock the bag every single time or all your stuff will come out and it will just be a hot mess.  I love bags that are open, I can reach in grab what I need and leave it alone, I actually caught myself holding my wallet and cellphone several times while I was shopping so I wouldn’t have to open the bag again.

Super disappointing but I am still in awe of this bag!

Do you own the Magnolia Park bag?



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