Beauty Cravings

Untitled1.  Hourglass Modernist eyeshadow Palette | 2. Sephora Contour Palette  | 3. Glamglow Mud Mask | 4. Tarte Clay Matte Palette | 5. NARS radiant concealer

New Year, new makeup right? While some of these may have been around, I have yet to try these darlings. I am obsessing to try this new hourglass palette which is currently only available for VIB Rouge at Sephora, the NARS concealer.. for my ugly black puffs under my eyes and I have been kind of wanting to try a matte eyeshadow…… we will see. Oh and this glamglow mask AHMAZING,  I need a refill on it!

Have you ever tried any of these? Let me know thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Beauty Cravings

    1. Hey Chanele! I havent tried the maybelline fit but the NARS ( I just recently starting using it) works wonders! It helped conceal the under eye circles and blended well with my other foundation and powder. I hope it lasts a decent amount of time foe the money. How is the mabelline?


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