Quick breakfast turkey bowls



I live on pinterest, I don’t know any girl who isn’t beyond obsessed or more. I was contemplating about writing a post about this recipe, but I make it so many times with different types of meat that I said why not? Online, you see a lot of these mini muffin breakfast bowls made with ham. Our family well shall I say (me) does not like ham so  I used turkey. You only need a few simple ingredients:

Muffin tin ,Turkey, ham, or any kind of meat, eggs, cheese

Put the oven on to 450 degrees, put the meat inside each muffin tin so it opens up, crack an egg inside each meat put some cheese on it, and decorations (cilantro) even add some spinach. Cook for about 15 minutes

and wahlah! you have a low carb breakfast that is great for on the go, or brunch with family and friends!

What else can you bake with a muffin tin?

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