Clinique Sonic Brush System

IMG_1771 IMG_1772

I have been debating between the Clarisonic and the Clinique cleansing systems. While making a pros and cons list, I decided to take the plunge and buy the Clinique and I am BEYOND happy with it! Not only does the Clinique brush last and keep a charge longer then the Clarisonic but it is cheaper! It automatically shuts off when you should be done cleansing your face and I feel all the gook and dirt come off my skin so much better then using your hands and a sponge to cleanse. The vibration felt weird at first, not going to lie but it was invigorating!

Which cleansing system do you have?

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2 thoughts on “Clinique Sonic Brush System

  1. Poops! After 3 years my Clarisonic Mia died (soooo frustrating) and I was told that you don’t fix them, you buy a new one, so I did. I wish I’d seen your review beforehand because I would have gone with the Clinique.


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