Shunday Monday wk 2

Welp, I have a confession first off… I used a credit card twice since Monday .. Whoops! I really need to learn self control ha!

These are the total bills & amounts prior to today


  1. T- 661.19 < —— 1st to go!
  2. BY- 1032
  3. BA1-1266
  4. NM-2273
  5. SR-2648
  6. BA2- 4960
  7. DSC-5430
  8. misc- 446 ( not included to pay off)

CURRENT BILLS: ( decreased by $600)

  1.  T- $310 <– Pay off Feb 13th!!
  2. 2.BY-  $1007
  3. BA1-1254
  4. NM 2273
  5. SR-2620.47
  6. BA2- 4960
  7. DSC-5446.14

Has anyone else started cleaning up there finances? Now what to do with the tax return…. put half away for down payment on the house and pay down a bill… or down payment on house half buy something for myself & some for a bill…….. HELP?!



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