Baby Lips & NYX


I have never tried Maybeline products.. ever and I had to try the baby lips and WOW my lips have never felt so moisturized! I have quickly become obsessed, I also stopped by Nordstrom Rack and looked at the beauty section and decided to try NYX makeup brush & I am so glad I did. the bristles are so soft, and they work great with my translucent setting powder I purchased from Sephora. Although I would not recommend using this brush for powder for all over your face, and just use it for a swipe. It was my first time ever trying translucent powder and I am so glad I did! I opted for the Sephora brand, for the price and it helps control my oil so well! The best thing is, when you open the top, it pushes out just enough powder to use on your face.. and if you are like me and drop things easily you won’t lose all the powder!

What are your favorite new beauty products you’ve tried?



2 thoughts on “Baby Lips & NYX

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