Shunday Monday wk 3

I am beyond excited to annoice that I have officially paid off my first Credit Card! It feels soo good to get rid of one and onto the next one. Fortunately I used some of my tax return to pay down more cards then spend it on a purse, makeup, shoes.. or other things I lust over on a daily basis. I will admit though.. I needed a printer for my class so I did use my BBY Card to pay for it.. but luckily I can put a chunk of money on it and this will be the next card to pay off!

Since I get paid on Friday, I don’t have anything else to update on any other cards but hey! One down, 6 more to go 😉

    1. T- $310 <– Pay off Feb 13th!! –  Paid off!
    2. 2.BY- $1089.04 – $288 ( from tax return) =801.04
    3. BA1-1254
    4. NM 2273
    5. SR-2620.47
    6. BA2- 4960
    7. DSC-5446.14




Make me smile!

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