Sole Serum- Shoe Goddess

2015-02-12 09.51.43

Michael Kors Lucinda Heels ( on sale!!) | Ivanka Trump Maggie Pump | Christian Louboutin Simple Pump 100 mm in Kid leather (patent leather here) || Sole Serum

I have heard so many things about Sole Serum and what it does for your feet, it basically makes walking in heels a breeze without the hurt. When I received a sample to try this little thing I was like “this is it?” Going in extremely skeptical thinking okay, this may not work so don’t get your hopes up, I mean lets be honest, I’ve put sole inserts in and they just make my fet more uncomfortable so what will this do for my feet ? I put it in my handbag, put on my louboutins for work and within a few hours my feet begin hurting, so I pump about 2 squirts of the Soleserum in my hand massage into the balls of my feet and on my heel let it dry for about a minute put back on the loubs and I was EXTREMELY suprirsed! My feet literally felt like they were walking on clouds, kind of numb but not like “numb numb”. I was wearing my loubs for the first time with comfort.

This post is sponsored by Sole serum, and strictly my opinion I came in with doubts and I came out surprised, and thrilled that this product worked wonders!

Right now you can buy 2 Sole Serum for only $39.95 ( price of 1 is $29.95) with FREE SHIPPING!! If you decide to just purchase 1 bottle, a travel size is currently free with purchase!
Offer ends soon!



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