Soleserum giveaway

I am so excited to announce the Soleserum giveaway! If you haven’t heard of soleserum before, then you are ready for a huge eye opening! Soleserum let’s you wear your high heels without the pain! It is an FDA serum that targets your aches in your foot with just a few pumps rubbed in and you are good to go! This will be a staple item to put in your makeup bag, and when your out wearing your spring sandals!

This is an Instagram only giveaway, so all you need to do is make sure you follow me on Instagram @vicky42791

“like the picture” and for extra entry tag 3 friends!

This giveaway will end on 04/03 at 11:00 PM est. time / this giveaway is open to all those living in the United States excluding Alaska & Hawaii



What’s in my on-the go makeup bag


I haven’t done a what’s in my bag post for a while, and I haven’t emptied it out in a while either. I use my Louis Vuitton Pochette  handbag [ original Pochette] as my makeup bag because my dog at the handle of the bag so now it is a clutch! But anywho, I am obviously turning into a chapstick/gloss hoarder. I am beyond obsessed with the Baby Lips, and if you read my post a few weeks back [ check it out here] you would know, I am just starting up with the obsession. I have my new favorite NYX butter gloss, and my old reliable rosebud gloss from Sephora. Of course keeping a mini deodorant, brush, and mascara is a necessity you can’t forget my mini set of makeup brushes in the leopard Sephora pack [ check out post here]!

Shop the post!

Louis Vuitton Pochette | Sephora makeup brush set (old similar here)  | NYX Butter Gloss | Maybeline Baby lips | Rosebud | Dove deodorant | Mascara|


I got my sleep back with Breath Right

I dread not being able to sleep at night. Since I also have a sleeping disorder and a deviated septum which SUCKS! I feel congested when I wake up and have habits of not being able to sleep period. I had read reviews for Breath Right Strips Extra Strength and decided what the hell? I wasn’t sure given all the 50/50 feedback, but I will say I think I may have to start swearing by it. The past few nights, I have woken up feeling like I slept not congested and I can actually breathe. The problem most people had with these strips with them not sticking well… make sure you WASH YOUR FACE!

Yes, it’s a horrible thing not to, but of course the sticky won’t stick with all the oil on your face! Also, don’t put moisturizer on your nose prior to putting the strip on.. that is just silly. But seriously though, I wasn’t asked to do this review and I purchased these on my own and I am so happy I did!

Do you use Breath Right strips?

See you guys here on Monday!


NYX Butter Gloss – Review


I just recently came in aw of NYX products, for a great price who can’t get attached to something especially there butter gloss! I am beyond obsessed, I found the éclair color and I’m loving the light pink touch to my lips which is perfect for the spring and summer time. I was never a fan of glosses I hated that my hair would get stuck to it, or I’d feel all ick but I can honestly say, my hair isn’t getting stuck to this gloss! I can’t wait to try the other colors and for $4.99 I can buy quite a few 😉

I’ve found NYX products at Nordstrom Rack, Target, and Ulta!