Spring calls for Solemate


wpid-2015-03-22-19.34.10.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-03-22-19.33.20.jpg.jpeg

Spring has sprung and even though it’s still frigid in half the United States and super warm here in Florida, I just love the feeling of the warmth on my skin and getting my tan back. The best thing about Spring are the shoes I get to break out! I was so excited when I got this package from Solemate in the mail. Who likes getting there heels stuck in the grass? Not me! With Solemate high heel protector cap, you can slip these on the bottom of your heel and they save your heels from being ruined! Not only have the heel protectors been a blessing, the shoe fresher has made my flats for work smell so much better, lets be honest here if your shoes don’t stank even a little after wearing them ALL the time, you must have some perfect feet.

Stop by the Solemates website to find there retail locations & purchase online and right now, you can get free shipping with orders over $25!

This was a sponsored post, all thoughts and reviews are of my own. Thank you Solemates for sending me this wonderful package!



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