I got my sleep back with Breath Right

I dread not being able to sleep at night. Since I also have a sleeping disorder and a deviated septum which SUCKS! I feel congested when I wake up and have habits of not being able to sleep period. I had read reviews for Breath Right Strips Extra Strength and decided what the hell? I wasn’t sure given all the 50/50 feedback, but I will say I think I may have to start swearing by it. The past few nights, I have woken up feeling like I slept not congested and I can actually breathe. The problem most people had with these strips with them not sticking well… make sure you WASH YOUR FACE!

Yes, it’s a horrible thing not to, but of course the sticky won’t stick with all the oil on your face! Also, don’t put moisturizer on your nose prior to putting the strip on.. that is just silly. But seriously though, I wasn’t asked to do this review and I purchased these on my own and I am so happy I did!

Do you use Breath Right strips?

See you guys here on Monday!



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