What’s in my on-the go makeup bag


I haven’t done a what’s in my bag post for a while, and I haven’t emptied it out in a while either. I use my Louis Vuitton Pochette  handbag [ original Pochette] as my makeup bag because my dog at the handle of the bag so now it is a clutch! But anywho, I am obviously turning into a chapstick/gloss hoarder. I am beyond obsessed with the Baby Lips, and if you read my post a few weeks back [ check it out here] you would know, I am just starting up with the obsession. I have my new favorite NYX butter gloss, and my old reliable rosebud gloss from Sephora. Of course keeping a mini deodorant, brush, and mascara is a necessity you can’t forget my mini set of makeup brushes in the leopard Sephora pack [ check out post here]!

Shop the post!

Louis Vuitton Pochette | Sephora makeup brush set (old similar here)  | NYX Butter Gloss | Maybeline Baby lips | Rosebud | Dove deodorant | Mascara|



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