Hatred in the social media era

So, I am browsing social media bored at work and I come across some pretty rude comments that people leave on my page and well everyone else. It’s probably one of the saddest things when you know absolutely nothing about someone and they just badger you with hatred and name calling. I’ve heard of my little cousins and seen getting bullied at school, on facebook, instagram you name it. Social media these days just isn’t to connect with new people and enjoy it’s a media outlet for people to rag on others .

I have seen some FABULOUS men and women who are dieting and working out to help improve THERE lives, so they posts pictures of how they look especially before and after pictures, and they look great and BAM they get hit with you still look fat and ugly or this is how I look when I shit. Really? I am beyond grateful to have wonderful followers who are uplifting. I’m not saying I don’t judge people of course I do but let’s be honest, most of it is envy and I keep things to myself. In the blogging world, I feel as if your life it put on blast even if you are a pre-mature blogger who barely has any followers on any social media by putting those hashtags out there to get your pictures and site known you are lurking into the world of some assholes.

There is absolutely no excuse for someone to be rude, hurtful to anyone in this world. Don’t be that person.

On a happier note, I want to remind you to follow me on Instagram to have a chance to win a brand new bottle of Soleserum! @vicky42791

Thank you again for all the support!



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