Sonia Kashuk Creme Bronzer Review




Happy April dolls! My favorite month, not just because it’s my birth month but it’s always so pretty here in Florida! I have been on the hunt for my budget friendly makeup and found this Sonia Kashuk creme bronzer and I was beyond excited. It’s so sad though that I can’t open it to check the color and how it feels, but for $10.99 I sucked it up and did it! I am glad I did, for contouring it blends so well, and is super smooth and light. With my oily skin, I haven’t noticed it running or feeling muddy but you definitely need a setting powder. The picture shows my face just standard contoured using the Sonia Kashuk ( dont mine my undone brows & wet hair). I had purchased the warm tan color, but wish I had purchased the darkest color Rich Bronze ( this was 2nd darkest). It also has a sponge that comes with it, and of course the mirror part. I give the cream a 4 out of 5, wishing they had more colors and maybe a better applicator.

Purchase this Sonia Kashuk creme bronzer at Target



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