Quick Baked Salmon – recipe


YUM I am a sucker for Salmon its quick, healthy and to me delish! I am sure some people know of this recipe but I’m here to share!

Baking sheet
Aluminium foil
Salmon filet
Canola oil
Olive oil

1. Turn oven to 425 degrees
2. Take salmon and dab it with a paper towel
3. Place the salmon skin down on aluminum foil
4. Take a teaspoon of canola oil and canola oil mixed together and drizzle it all over the top of salmon. Make sure you rub it in real well
5. Add salt and pepper I’d say about a teaspoon of each rub in completely
6. Grab a lemon and squeeze the juice onto the Salmon
7. Cover with aluminium foil but make it like a Teepee
8.Place in over for about 10 minutes for fully cooked not dry or about 4-6 minutes if you like it undercooked
9. Enjoy!


Make me smile!

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