Amazon beauty find


So Sephora discontinued my absolute favorite skin care product, the cellulose sponge. I have been looking for MONTHS for the same sponges but with a great price point. I was stoked when I saw them on Amazon for $6 these are even a bit more plump then the Sephora ones and the best part is they are eco-friendly!

If you were a daily user of the cellulose sponges from sephora head here to purchase the ones from Amazon!


Relaxing face mask


Hey Dolls! Sorry I haven’t still been posting I’ve been so swamped with unpacking and trying to figure out what to do with my makeup/beauty products! My bathroom vanity is smaller then the one at my parents house 😦

Any who.. Has anyone tried the target masks they sell for around $1.19-$2 I’m obsessed! My face has been so gross lately and I needed a mini “pick me up” the other night and tried the relaxing mud mask. I love it! It smells so good and my poor’s and skin felt so much cleaner after one use. With one package I can get 2 uses out of it. The best part is, they have different masks!

You can purchase this face mask & others at Target!

Have you ever tried them? And if you have ANY storage tips for makeup and hair supplies let me know below!

Friday Rants

Happy Friday guys and Happy Memorial day weekend! I first off want to thank all that has served in the armed forces, ya’ll are such a blessing.

Things have been a little rough with me lately in my personal life. Moving into my first place, having a few relationship problems and just being overly exhausted and overwhelmed.  I am so sorry for not updating like I used to but I will definitely start getting back on my grind.

So for the next week, I will not be posting on my social networking sites and taking a break from the “social world” and focusing on my personal life. I can’t wait to share so many upcoming things with you guys 🙂

Xo Victoria

Summer Lovin’

Long time no see! I have been so swamped with closing on the townhouse and now finding a painter/ decorating it has been insane! I wanted to make a quick post about my summer lusts, I am wishing I was by the pool soaking up the sun instead of working, and let me say It’s been 90+ here in Florida lately lets just say BURNING UP!


Shop the post:

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