Fall Makeup Lusts & Loves


Shop the post: 1. Tarte Lip Stain 2. Christian Louboutin lipstick 3. Urban Decay Smoky Palette 4. Shisiedo face mask 5. Marc Jacobs Nail laquer

What better way to start blogging again then throwing together some of my lusts and favorite products for the fall! I am  currently obsessing over the Tarte Lip Stains the matte look and the tint goes on lightly and you can coat to get a dark tint or a faint tint. This is currently my go-to lip product that keeps my lips super moist and fresh!

I am wanting soo badly to try the Christian Louboutin lipstick! I fell in love with the nail polish line but at $90 bucks a pop I’ll have to wait till Christmas for this baby 😦 ( I AM OBSESSED WITH THE DESIGN OF IT!) Naked Palettes always make me feel so warm inside, I knew I had to buy the smoky eye collection palette and it was nothing short of what I expected! I love the feel and how highly pigmented it is. This is great for girls who love a dark eye and for the fall/winter!

Sheet Masks are a must to keep your skin hydrated so it doesn’t chap during the cold! I am loving this Shisiedo lucent powder brightening face mask. It feels so good on my skin, and it honestly feels super radiant after and clean! Last but not least this Marc Jacobs Lacquer GIMME! I haven’t purchased it yet, but I have heard nothing but great things about this line and I am completely obsessed with the MJ makeup line so I am hoping to buy some of this shortly!

What are your favorite fall makeup products?



4 thoughts on “Fall Makeup Lusts & Loves

      1. Honestly – it’s not the best quality nail polish which is upsetting because it’s expensive. I use Pro FX gel top coat (Walmart) over it and it seems to keep it from chipping, but doesn’t last as long as other polishes of the same price. BUT – the Marc Jacobs colour range is so nice! My favourite is “Oui!” – an electric pink!


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