InstaNatural Peppermint Oil Serum – 2nd review!


If anyone has gone to my house, or my parents house in the past few months you would know it smells AMAZING with either fresh lemon or peppermint. A few months ago, I was contacted to do a review on InstaNatural essential oils and I fell in love all over again. I have found a new technique to use these serums to make your whole house smell amazing!

If you have a candle warmer I put a mug on top of it with water, so it gets nice and hot and I use 2 drops of either lemon or peppermint serum and my WHOLE house begins to smell of freshness! It is quite amazing.

For the holidays I am going to be purchasing a few of the peppermint scented ones so it smells like Christmas! These products are available on Amazon!

This is a personal review, the products were gifted to me but since then I have purchased several products.



Make me smile!

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