Holiday Beauty Gift Ideas


The Holiday’s the time of the year I dread shopping, but love the spirit! I put together some of my FAVORITE beauty gifts for all under $100 that is sure to make any girl smile with glee

  1. Sephora Ombre Obsession Eyeshadow Palette ($34) | 2. Bite Beauty Discovery Set  ($55) | 3. Fresh Sugar Lip Delight ( $55) | 4. NARS Steven Klein Collab Cheek Palette ( AMAZING!!) (  $69) | 5. Tarte Light of the Party Eyeshadow Palette ( $59) | 6. Keyvn Aucion The Contour book of sculpting ($ 65)

I’m obsessed with all things bite so I am needing to grab this set up soon! There lipsticks are my favorite! Fresh is some of my lip & facial products. I LOVE  NARS so I was so excited to try the cheek palette and I can’t wait to post my review this week on it!



Make me smile!

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