Skin tightening treatments best for your skin color

As we get older, we all want the secret ingredient to make our skin look radiant and younger, between botox, fillers, and tons of products on the market what do you choose?  Based on skin color, we can actually see what type of treatments is best for your type of skin.

It’s no secret that skin tightening is an incredibly popular beauty treatment. As we age, our skin starts to lose its firmness, and soon enough begins to give away our advanced years. While the older generation are naturally fans of such procedures, younger people can also benefit from them too. Stress and genetics are of course other factors that can cause skin to sag.

If you’re looking to improve your skin quality, a skin tightening procedure may be perfect for you. Before booking one though, why not discover a little more about what one entails? It can’t hurt to explore your options.


Is Skin Tightening Suitable for Those With Dark Skin?

There are a variety of procedures currently on the market, which makes it hard to give a definitive answer to this question. Truth is, it all depends on what type of procedure you wish to have done. Some skin tightening procedures work better on lighter skin types for a whole host of complex reasons. Others, however, are suitable for all skin types.


What is the Difference Between Light and Dark Skin?

On a molecular level, skin is more or less the same whatever its color. The cells are composed of the same vital components. The only major difference when it comes to light and dark skin is melanin levels. Melanocyte distribution varies a little depending on the shade of your skin.


Some laser equipment can disrupt the distribution of the melanocytes. This can cause loss of pigmentation in some areas. This affects darker skin types more than lighter ones, as they risk being left with patches of discolored skin.


Skin Tightening Procedures Usually Not Suitable for Dark Skin Types

Many of the lasers currently on the market can affect melanocytes. That’s why those with darker skin are usually advised to approach such treatments with caution. There are some types of laser around that are suitable for darker skin; however, you’ll want to talk to your clinic’s technician about whether theirs is suitable for your skin type.


Another type of skin tightening treatment those with dark skin should avoid is microdermabrasion. Not only can this procedure cause pigment damage, it can also cause more problems as it removes the skin’s epidermal layer. If your skin is dark, this outer layer is likely to contain large oil glands. By exposing these, acne and other skin problems become a risk.


Chemical peels are a final skin tightening treatment that is probably best avoided if you have dark skin. These also remove the skin’s outer layer, but they can also cause damage due to bleaching. Chemical peels risk leaving the skin several shades lighter than it once was, something that will unfortunately be permanent.


The Best Skin Tightening Treatments for Dark Skin

Despite dark skin being a little more difficult to treat, there are many procedures that are fortunately suitable for it. Most of these treatments are wave-based. Ultrasound or radio frequency treatments, for example, won’t impact melanin levels at all, so aren’t a risk of causing further problems.


These procedures are also just as effective as others as they work on encouraging skin to produce more collagen. If you have darker skin, it’s advisable you shun treatments like chemical peels in favor of wave-based ones.

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