Love me some Evian #sweatymess – Review


Evian is my go to product for  facial mist throughout the year. It’s by far my favorite product to keep in my handbag to help freshen up my face and makeup on the hot summer days in Florida to keep my face from being a #Sweatymess.

 It not only is great to keep your face moisturized but it’s an amazing product to keep at home to use to apply your makeup. I spray a little bit on my makeup brushes prior to applying to my face for it to help my makeup go on evenly and smoothly, after I am done applying my makeup I spray 3 spritz on my face to help keep my makeup in place and set it. I feel extremely refreshed after spraying my face ( I have personally bought 3 bottles and use it religiously!)

You can purchase Evian Facial Spray here. If you spend $35 or more you receive free shipping, and they also have a special going on that if you spend more then $25 you receive a free travel size of Evian facial Spray (perfect for the handbags ladies!)




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