Fall Beauty Favorites


True Cream Aqua Bomb | Jose Maran Argan Oil | Detoxifying Black Cleanser | Overnight Transforming Treatment | Charcoal Mask (OBSESSED) | Tinted Lip Treatment |

Everyone who knows me knows I LIVE  for fall! It’s the absolute best time of the year, even if I do live in Florida! I will be honest, I live in fall colors year around.. if you were to go into my closet any time of the year all you will see is black and gray! Anywho… when it comes to beauty though I do change up my entire beauty routine. I’ve listed a few of my favorite Fall/Winter skin care items I swear by!

The Aqua Bomb is AH-MAZING and I’m really not even over exaggerating this is such an amazing moisturizer it’s oil free which is great for my oily complexion and it helps minimizing my pores! I have seen my skin become brighter, and smoother and the best part is, this works for people with combination/dry skin as well!

Jose Maran, I just came across this Argan oil and I use it before my primer or 1-2 drops to add to my makeup routine and it helps give me that dewy look while keeping my skin moisturized and the best part is you can use this in your hair as well!

I have a habit of changing up my face wash, I have a tendency to go from the Clinique line to the Boscia black cleanser. The best thing about the black cleanser is it helps REALLY well with my black heads! My face feels so amazing and clean after washing my face with this, I can really feel all that gook gone without using too much. After washing my face at night I love using the transforming treatment by DreamDUO I wake up with my skin feeling soft and moisturized ( I use this instead of the Aqua bomb at night) your skin looks and feels so plump!

Once a week I use the Charcoal mask to really get a deep cleansing and it does not disappoint! I’m weird but I love the feeling of a mask getting hard on your skin then washing it with hot water/sponge and feeling that cleaness right away.

Last but not least.. you can’t forget to keep your lips hydrated! I use the Sugar lip treatment at night before bed, and all throughout the day prior to putting on my liner/lipstick/liquid lipsticks. It has saved my chapped lips over the years and I will continuously use it!


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