Budgeting this Holiday

I know I’m typically a beauty, lifestyle, and sometimes fashion blog but I feel that this post is a must! We all know black Friday was last week and Cyber Monday was recent. I will throw both my hands up and scream that I SPENT TOO MUCH MONEY!! The sad part is, I only bought 4 items that weren’t for me haha. It’s so hard to budget during the holiday seasons but sometimes we have to choose between paying the mortgage or buying that new television. Your mind says “buy the television” but common sense is pay the mortgage. The absolute best way to budget I have found is make sure you split your bills evenly and put aside half your mortgage/rent payment.. Let me break it down for you.

I get paid on the 15th and 31st of every month so I know exactly when and how much my paycheck will be.. ( I do realize some people have different paychecks every time and/or get paid weekly or bi-weekly) I have a TON of bills, from my mortgage payment to credit cards. Each paycheck I have more then half of it go into one checking account ( which is my bill account) and the rest is my spending account.

I called up some of my creditors and changed my due date so my CC minimum payment + whatever bills that is due on that date is even meaning (if you put $800 into your bill account make it so it’s an even $800 or less credit card+1/2mortgage+cabel etc.)… so on the 15th I pay my cable, internet, maintenance fees and a few credit cards and I put aside HALF my mortgage payment. The point is to LEAVE that mortgage payment alone don’t be tempted to spend it. On the 30th I pay my mortgage, electric, water, and credit cards. This is the best way to budget and pay your bills. Always make sure you put at least 75% give or take into your bill account so you know you will always have money to pay your bills. By splitting up your bills it allows you to have spending money and not struggle to take all your rent in one paycheck and then your left with nothing.

Now for budgeting for presents! Write a list out, write down what you want to get each person look up the price and put that next to the item. Do NOT buy anything extra that is not on the list! This is key.. if your budget for your mom, dad, brothers, sisters is a total of $150 split it up between all 4 this can be hard but with all these sales you can get some AMAZING deals! If you have a significant other set aside a set amount.. I know we all want to give everyone the best but you can’t help others if you can’t help yourself if you’re broke!

Do this with all your paychecks set aside a specific amount for groceries, going out to eat, and entertainment. If you are like me and just swipe that debit card and go over budget at times.. get some envelopes label them and put that cash specifically for that thing in there and when it’s gone it’s gone and if you have some left over now you have MORE to spend next week ( or put in your savings account ). Budgeting sucks, bills suck, but we have to do it as being “adults” (can I please be a teenager again!) I know this post is super long and different but I hope I helped give some people ideas on how to manage bills/budgeting a little better!







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