Gimme that money honey!

I have officially decided that since my coming back to blogging that this week is clearly a LIFESTYLE week ha! I am OBESSED with this app called Poshmark, I’ve previously written a post about this (you can find it here) but for this Holiday season I am in desperate need for some extra $$. Poshmark is pretty legit, you buy and sell items from clothes, jewelry, makeup, and shoes. Anything that is well taken care of can be sold! The best part is, posh goes ahead and takes out there commission which is typically (20%) and the buyer PAYS for shipping! I know that sounds weird that I think taking money from me is great but selling on Ebay they wait to charge you AND Paypal also charges you, so I rather it be taken out and done with then worry about it later.

I’ve made over $1500 since April 2015, that’s INSANE just for my used items! The cool part is, you can leave that money in your posh account to spend on posh or you can have it direct deposited into your account *cha ching!* OH and one other extreme perk of Posh if you’re into designer bags.. anything over $500 ships free AND if the item your purchasing is over $500  (ex. LV handbag, Gucci, Chanel,Tiffany’s etc) poshmark authenticates the item FOR FREE so you know you will be getting an authentic item!

Check out my closet and download the Poshmark app on Android & Apple Appstore

This is not a paid post, this is strictly based on my experience with posh.




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