Sephora Skin Wonderland review 2-3

Okay, so it’s been an extremely hectic week. I got in a bad car accident last Monday and then I had a family emergency so I’ve been struggling to actually try out products from the skin wonderland gift set from Sephora.

Well anywho, I tried out the Ole Henriksen truth sugar glow polishing mask ( $42 for 3.5oz) and the first thing I loved about it was the citrus smell! This would honestly be the perfect morning booster mask for me on a Monday morning, you only need a thin layer and leave it on for 5-10min and my skin felt smooth, awake, and refreshed! I mean.. I need that more on a Monday morning then a Sunday night.

Next up was Clinique pep-start eye cream ($26.50 .50 oz). Clinique is usually pretty good to me, so I put some cream on a few mornings after washing my face and I’m not quite sure if this really would be beneficial for people who are looking to cure there “under eye bags” but it seemed to go well under my concealer and keep it moisturized. I’d say it did have a slight “soothing” effect but I’m not sure about the brightening aspect. I feel I will need to try it out a lot more to get really a “solid” review, 5 days ain’t cutting it!

So far, I’m about 2.5/4 on the Sephora skin wonderland gift set.. I’ll be posting more than 3 blog posts review, because let’s be honest I can only put so much on my face at once 🙂

stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post, a GIVEAWAY IS UPON US (P.S. IT’S AT MY FAV STORE!)

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