Kat Von D, I Thank you for your liquid lipsticks

Okay, so I’m a little late on the liquid lipstick train, because I was afraid that it would feel like lip gloss ( I had that extreme lip gloss faze in tubes like this back in the 90s) and it did some serious damage, mostly to my hair hah! I decided to give Kat Von D a try and I’m sooo glad I did. Lolita, is the perfect color! It goes on so smoothly and it stays on for SO LONG!  I only had to touch up (because I’m weird and always touch up everything) once and this was after a 8 hour mark. I drank, ate, and even kissed a baby with it and it was still on my lips! I am pretty sure, I’m going to become a hoarder of these things.




Shop my selfie :

Brows- ABH Pomade Dark Brown ; ABH Brow Gel  | Foundation: Dior 023 | Powder: Make up Forever Pro Finish | Contour: ABH in Medium | Highlight: Becca in Moonstone | Lips: Lolita Kat Von D | Eye shadow: Too Faced Natural Eye Palette |

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