Skin Wonderland with Fresh & first aid – review pt.3


The end is almost upon us!! The end to reviewing the Skin Wonderland gift set from Sephora that is. I’m going to start off with First Aid ultra repair cream. I’ve tried there products out before and it’s never really been a product I ride home about. I tend to use it once, maybe twice then it just sits on the bathroom vanity.


This product isn’t an exception. I threw it in my purse to replace my favorite EOS lotion and used this 2-3xs a day and my skin felt a little hydrated but not as much as I desire. I can’t find the exact one but this one is an Ultra Repair cream intense hydration w/ skin protectant ($6.50-$30)



I am so excited to review this product, Fresh is one of my go-to skin care lines I’m beyond OBSESSED with almost all of there products so I was super stoked that this came in the Skin wonderland gift set. The soy face cleanser ($38)makes my skin so soft within 1 use. I have oily skin, so sometimes it’s hard to find something that doesn’t make me feel more greasy. This is a little bit on the pricier side with a 5.1 oz at $38 a pop but I feel it’s one of those products I can “splurge” on every few months when I really feel my skin going in the shits.

What products do you love for your skin? Share below!

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