My feet love me because of Sole Patches




I am literally obsessed with shoes, I believe they can make or break an outfit. How many times have you seen a girl with a gorgeous dress on, but then wearing sandals because her feet hurt? I can say, that I’ve been a victim of taking off my heels and stealing my boyfriends shoes when my feet are literally killing me when I’m out and the poor guy gets to wear his socks to the car.

I got the most amazing opportunity to try out Sole Patches, they make my Louboutins’ bearable to walk in and we all know how uncomfortable Loubs can feel. All you do is insert them either directly on the shoe or on the ball or heel of your foot, and then you can let your shoes do the talking. The best part is, these babies come in a pack of 3 pairs (6) so you can put them in the shoes that hurt you the most or use them for a quick fix.

You can purchase Sole Patches here

This post is sponsored and I thank Sole Patches for giving me the opportunity to try them out!



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