DIY Winter Wreath

I love DIY’s and every season, I make a cute little wreath to hang out on my door and usually make a new one ever year. This time, I decided to make the wreath simple yet adorable. BTW don’t judge my door, my association has failed to clean the outside UGH!


  • hot glue gun
  • Wreath ( I used the 24″ but you can get any size just buy more product)
  • garland ( similar here)
  • Burlap
  1.  Grab the garland and slowly pluck out some of the flowers
  2. Take the Burlap and twist it around the wreath make it how you want but don’t cut it till you know it’s at a good length to be able to have a little bow at the bottom.
  3. Cut the burlap so it’s long enough to tie a bow and then tie the bow
  4. Make sure your hot glue gun is turned on and ready
  5. Super glue just the bow part down ( if you want or you can leave it hanging like I did)
  6. Start placing the poinsettia where you think they’d look best. Do this prior to hot gluing!
  7. Grab the hot glue gun and go to town on it!
  8. let it sit for a little and ALL DONE!




Make me smile!

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