Skin Wonderland Review 3/4


It’s been such a HELL of a past few weeks, I got into a bad car accident on the 5th so I’ve been going crazy with doctors appointments etc. My iPhone and Camera stopped working so now I have this god Awful phone that takes the worst pictures so I’m so sorry about the quality! I am on my 2nd to last review of the Skin wonderland and I’m LOVING these products I tried out.


Tarte Maracujá Oil ($15-$68)  is one of my favorite things to add to my foundation just a drop or 2 to give me that dewey look. You can also just pat it into your face after cleansing but I prefer to add it to foundation.

This Jose Maran Whipped Argan oil ($35) I am SO glad I got to try this out! This makes my skin feel sooo smooth, honestly I want to try the other scents they offer the one I tried was Honeysuckle vanilla. It made my skin feel so soft, I enjoy putting this on my face, neck, and my elbows (they need the most love).


This Kores Greek Yoghurt 3 in 1 cleansing ($24)  felt so nice on my skin as well. I didn’t use it as a cleanser, I went ahead and washed my face then put it on after as a sort of extra cleanser/moisturizer and gently took off the excess amount with some tissue. My skin feels so clean and soft.

Shop the post: Korres | Tarte | Josie Maran  



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