Silicone Makeup Sponge- Review

So, I just want to start off by saying I’m so sorry for slacking on my posts. I’ve been swamped with life and dealing with some personal issues and trying to help my boyfriend out with some things. Life… sometimes it can just make you feel like you’re in a whirlwind.


Anywho, this is going to be a quick to the point post. I have been seeing all these Instagram videos of these beauty bloggers using silicone (booby inserts) to do there makeup… I was like WTF?  I kept looking and reviewing what they thought and I was like you know what, I’m going to try this boob sponge. I ordered a normal silicone sponge from Ebay, I wanted to go semi-cheap in case I didn’t like it. Kind of glad I did, I only had two pros to this sponge was you barely need any product to put it and nothing gets soaked in, and the fact it felt really nice on my face. The cons though kind of sucked it was super slippery! Like I felt like I couldn’t really apply my makeup without it slipping through my hands, it took a little longer for me to get my foundation thoroughly blended in, it kind of made it cake at first.

If you want to try this out, herehere and here to try out a silicone makeup sponge on the cheaper side.

Let me know if you’ve ever used this type of sponge!



Selfie Saturday w/ Tarte








So I have had the Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Palette sitting on my vanity for probably about a month now and I’ve finally gotten a chance to play with it and see how the formula is. I know this is a lot of peoples favorites, and it quickly became mine as well.

Anywho, the look above is used with the 4 shadows numbered above.

  1.  I used shade #1 which is free spirit all over lid and under brow
  2. All over the lid I placed force of nature
  3. In the crease I used Natural Beauty
  4. Over the crease of natural beauty I placed  best friend over it and created a basic smokey look (Make sure you blend!!)
  5. After completing these I put free spirt back under the brow and in the inner corners of my eyes

These shadows really blended so well and I was loving the pigments.

Have you ever tried using the Amazonian Clay Palette?



Those plump lips though w/ Dior




Plump lips I think are almost every girls dream that I have met thus far. I would personally never get lip injects, and the one lip plumper I have tried stung like a B! I thought I’d give this Dior Soothing Plump Lip Balm a try and I am SO glad I did! I have been putting a generous amount at night before bed and when I wake up, my lips are so moisturized and plump. You can also use a light amount in the center of your lips prior to putting on your lip products, but for the best results you should put it on nightly.

P.S. How cute is this Pineapple tray?! I’m beyond obsessed!

What are your favorite lip plumping products?

Shop the post: Dior Plumping Lip Balm 


Jimmy Choo Sale

Shoes make an outfit, I stand by that saying so much! Have you ever seen a girl wear a gorgeous dress then look down and see shoes that just don’t go well? Yeah.. I have. I picked out some of my top favorite Jimmy Choo heels that are currently up to 50% off!


Claudette 120 (Silver &Glitter)  | Daphne 120 ( Both Colors) | Holly 120 Leopard | Holly 120 in Bordeaux Velvet | Hope 100 | Kayden | Kaytrin 120 (both colors) | Lang | Lola 120 | Rommy 100