Hey 2017, I’m still the same!

dtspLet me just start by saying that you always hear the “new year, new me” crap and lets be honest I’ve been one of those people.. I’m pretty sure everyone has been one of those people at least once. Well this year, I’m humbling saying I am not going to do the new me crap.

2016 has taught me some lessons that needed to be learned mentally and physically. So going into the new year, my resolutions will be to just take care of myself. Become genuinely happy with life and  try and at least experience something new at least once a month. Of course I will continue to be on the path of weight loss and become financially responsible but for once I want to put my happiness before all these “goals”

So this post is dedicated to how I’m going to put my happiness first by doing these simple steps.laugh

  1. Start going back to hot yoga, this legit relaxed the hell out of me even though I felt like death after 20 minutes.
  2. Become more organized, an organized house will make things feel a little less “stressful”
  3. STOP OVER THINKING! I literally am the poster child for someone with anxiety so I overthink everything and pull apart every little detail.
  4. Laugh a little more, go out with friends and just enjoy life.
  5. Do little things for myself here and there. I don’t mean go shopping but I mean self indulge go to the spa, go for a walk on the beach alone, read a book.
  6. Turn off my electronics for at least 2 hours a day, hopefully this can get my mind on track and not worry about who’s texting or calling me for once.
  7. Tell myself you are beautiful and that I’m a girl boss.



Make me smile!

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