Sephora Hand Masks



I live for Sephora, my theory is if I ever die please drag my body to Sephora or Nordstrom. I went on a major Sephora haul a few weeks ago and silly me should have done a post on it but, you know life happens. On Sunday nights, I have a ritual I get a glass bottle of wine, brush my teeth, wash my face, make a hot bubble bath, and put a face mask on. This Sunday, I decided to actually try out the new Sephora hand masks that I purchased and it wasn’t what I expected.. it was SO much better!!

Let’s just say, my hands aren’t like a babies bottom and I wish everyday for them to feel like that. I went and snagged the Aloe Vera hand mask and it literally slayed my evening. I put my little hands in these gloves and instantly I just felt all that moisturizer lather my hands up and it was so perfect! You leave this baby on for 20 minutes and when you take it off, you will have excess product but you rub it in and my hands felt amazing! I mean for $6 you can’t go wrong and trust me, I’ll be stocking up on these babies!

Shop the line of Sephora Hand Masks here




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