Work day makeup with Maybelline


So.. I’m going to fully admit that I never really bought drug store makeup before. Like I have a few odds and ends of things, but not enough for me to have a real feel on the quality of the product. I work in a back office, full of cubes and seeing the same people everyday with no one to impress, I don’t really like enjoy  wearing my expensive makeup products to work. I know that sounds ridiculous, but when I spend $50 on a foundation I want people to see it ( not at work).

I went into Ulta deciding to pick up some basic makeup products from Maybelline, wanting to buy more than just the standard my boyfriend wouldn’t let me. Anywho, I picked up the Liquid Mousse Foundation, Fit Me Pressed Powder, brow precise pencil, and the master fix setting spray.

On with the point of this post, I have to say I am 50/50 on these products with my most favorite 2 items being the liquid mousse foundation and the pressed powder ( both nude beige). The liquid foundation went on smoothly, it didn’t feel cakey and it had a really good amount of coverage. The fit me pressed powder was great to set my foundation with, but there was a ton of product that came off the brush real quick.

The brow precise pencil ( dark brown), eh I maybe extremely biased because I’m a ride or die for the ABH Brow Wiz/Definer/Pomade, the retractable pencil went on smoothly, but really sucked to fill in my brows and I wasn’t crazy about the wand. Last but not least, the master fix setting spray. It felt good being sprayed on my face and it didn’t make my face look oily, but it didn’t hold sh** in place! These both will be a pass for me I think in the future.

What are your favorite drug store makeup products?

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Liquid Mousse Foundation | Fit Me pressed powder | Brow precise | Master fix spray



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