June Ipsy Bag!


I always get so excited when my Ipsy bags come in, but this month I was slightly disappointed. I received of course 5 items and this adorable lips makeup bag. I received the NYX whipped lip & cheek souffle in plush, Skyn iceland face wash, the Balm Blush in Balm Springs , Trust Fund beauty nail polish in whats a budget, and Luna eyeshadow in Jade.


I wasn’t crazy about any of the colors on any of the products. The blush & eyeshadow weren’t very pigmented and it barely showed up on my skin. The NYX whipped lip & cheek souffle nice, but the color like the shadow and blush not my favorite. The nail polish was adorable, I’m kinda obsessed with the name of the company and this color name? Whats a budget, seriously adorable.


Hopefully next month the Ipsy bag will be more on point, but if you’re interested don’t forget you can subscribe to Ipsy for $10 a month and get a makeup bag and 5 products to try out!


Work day makeup with Maybelline


So.. I’m going to fully admit that I never really bought drug store makeup before. Like I have a few odds and ends of things, but not enough for me to have a real feel on the quality of the product. I work in a back office, full of cubes and seeing the same people everyday with no one to impress, I don’t really like enjoy  wearing my expensive makeup products to work. I know that sounds ridiculous, but when I spend $50 on a foundation I want people to see it ( not at work).

I went into Ulta deciding to pick up some basic makeup products from Maybelline, wanting to buy more than just the standard my boyfriend wouldn’t let me. Anywho, I picked up the Liquid Mousse Foundation, Fit Me Pressed Powder, brow precise pencil, and the master fix setting spray.

On with the point of this post, I have to say I am 50/50 on these products with my most favorite 2 items being the liquid mousse foundation and the pressed powder ( both nude beige). The liquid foundation went on smoothly, it didn’t feel cakey and it had a really good amount of coverage. The fit me pressed powder was great to set my foundation with, but there was a ton of product that came off the brush real quick.

The brow precise pencil ( dark brown), eh I maybe extremely biased because I’m a ride or die for the ABH Brow Wiz/Definer/Pomade, the retractable pencil went on smoothly, but really sucked to fill in my brows and I wasn’t crazy about the wand. Last but not least, the master fix setting spray. It felt good being sprayed on my face and it didn’t make my face look oily, but it didn’t hold sh** in place! These both will be a pass for me I think in the future.

What are your favorite drug store makeup products?

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May Ipsy Bag- Partial Review


I seriously love getting my Ipsy bags, it’s a fun way to try different brands of makeup for only $10 a month. Each bag comes with 5 items, some are a hit or miss and they’re mostly travel size products but I’ve had my share of yays and nays. This month, I received some BB cream, a brush, urban decay highlighter, Caked Liquid Lipstick, and some hair masque. For this post, I am going to review the Urban Decay Highlighter and the Caked Liquid Lipstick.


I was having high hopes for the Urban Decay highlighter in the color sin, it’s supposed to last for 8 hours and give you an afterglow and it wasn’t really what I thought it would be. I have fair skin, so the highlight didn’t show to well on my face unless I layered it on, but it did stay put for majority of the evening.

Next up is the Caked liquid lipstick in low key, if you’ve been reading my blog I am OBSESSED with liquid lipsticks and I was so excited to try this. Initially I loved it, it glided on smoothly but I wasn’t crazy about the applicator, the color was gorgeous BUT it lasted maybe 2 hours drinking/eating and really dried out my lips, and it was also pretty hard to take it off without it staining my lips.

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Turkey & Egg “Muffins” – Recipe

On the weekdays I’m always in such a hurry to get to work on time and let’s be honest taking a yogurt or some string cheese isn’t always so satisfying. I make these little turkey cups sometimes use ham instead Sunday nights to have throughout the week. It’s such a quick simple recipe, which you can change up between meats and add some peppers or cilantro.


  • Sliced Turkey meat ( or use ham if desired)
  • Oven
  • Sharp Cheddar
  • Muffin Pan
  • Butter ( or cooking spray)
  • Eggs



  1. Set oven to 400 degrees
  2. Either spray the muffin pan with non stick spray, or dab some butter in each tin ( only do how many you decide to make)
  3. Grab your meat, either turkey or ham and place ONE  in each muffin space ( make as many or as little as you want) So it kind of falls over the sides ( view picture)
  4. The amount of spaces you fill with turkey or ham, you need that exact amount of eggs
  5. Crack ONE egg in each meat ( see photo)
  6. Put some shredded cheese on top of the egg
  7. Place in the 400 degree oven for 13 minutes
  8. Take out and let it cool
  9. Enjoy!