Weight loss journey

I haven’t updated my weight loss journey in quite some time.. have barely updated my blog in general! I’ve been doing really well, since June of last year I have lost a total of 30 pounds but then gained back 3 so a total of 27! I know I could have lost a lot more between now and then but I am doing it in a way I felt most comfortable doing. Now, I have been starting to stick back to my diet in preparation for something special coming up! I will be posting some healthy recipes up on the blog, and I’d love some tips and tricks that any of you may have!

Let’s see if I can lose 10 pounds by the 27th of April… aka my birthday 🙂

I hope you have a great weekend! I’ll see you back here on Monday!




Day 1- Weight Loss Journey

I have tried time and time before to keep up with my weight loss journal blog-posts and have always failed. This time, I am going to try my BEST to actually post once a week on my weight loss journey. I have been on this journey pretty much my whole life, but have officially re-started the journey today.

I have been steadily losing weight recently but I realized, I need to get my ass back in shape and start a “lifestyle” change not a diet.

My current mini goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of December

15-25 by end of January (total amount) BABY STEPS PEOPLE!

Let’s start off by saying low sugar, slightly low carb diet. Since I do hot yoga twice a week ( well try to) and go to the gym, I need to make sure my carb intake is still there so I don’t pass out from well being hungry ha!

Good luck to all you gal’s who are on a weight loss journey and I’d love to hear what you do in the comments below!





Monday Weight down

Happy Monday everyone, while we are all having the morning blue’s from this long weekend. I have had to do a lot of “self” reinventing & lifestyle changes. With being gluten & lactose intolerant it’s been very hard to eat and find things that can nourish my body that won’t give me a hard time. With that being said, with my new lifestyle change & my post op surgery from last Wed I have lost a total of 6 pounds.. yes 6 pounds. I am eating everything I possibly am allowed too but dropping weight too quickly. If you have read my past posts, I had been on  crazy weight loss programs and was trying to find ways too enjoy life instead of starving myself frequently.

I am hoping so much that eating gluten-free & only veggies & fruit will help me get the nutrients I need and really keep my weight loss on track.

Does anyone else have gluten or lactose intolerance combined? I’d love some new recipes!

Xo Victoria

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Gaining weight is for the birds

Thursdays are torture I feel like it’s the second most teasful day of the week Sunday being first. You are ready for the weekend, but you are just not quite there and we are just dying to get a feeling of 5 o’clock on a Friday. Since I have been on a diet for about a week now ( technically more but I cheat) I decided to write what I am on and my progress. I decided to take the bullet and shut up Maree Osmen and try nutrisystem, I have heard so many good and bad things about the program even my dearest mother has been on it before and lost quite a bit of weight.

So many people all over the world especially women, have a problem with weightloss and trying to fit into that size you were in high school. It can be one of the hardest things people can overcome, with emotional stress you will do almost anything to get those pounds off. I am an expert at weightloss things, I went from weight watchers, to my plastic surgeon weight loss center, to nutrisystem. The most effective progam I used was the weightloss center at my plastic surgeon’s office. I ate no carbs, and the first 3 days I ate 500 calories, yes I said 500 calories. It was dreadful, I love my rice, pasta, and I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I had lost a good 35 pounds and then gained it all back when I was hospitalized quite a few times in the past 2 years. I will say doing this weight loss worked, but it is all determination and sticking to the diet! I literally and I am not lying went back and forth with this diet for over 4 years!! I’d stop , then do it on my own lose track and repeat all these steps. I decided enough was enough, spending $100 on weight loss shots and pills was just too much for my body and health. It doesn’t help that with the stress of work, my health, and gaining the weight back I’d thought I lost my mind.

I decided to try nutrisystem, with many different reviews from people my loving parents said they would pay for the first month to see if I liked it. I started this program deteremined liked some of the food.. but after the first 2 weeks I did not like any of the food left and would really not even bother. I started eating out to restaurants with friends and family, and not eating in the portions they recommend so ever since then I have been on a rollercoaster and gained what I had lost in the first 2 weeks ( 7 pds) back plus 3 more!! I about freaked out when I went on the scale and said F this, I will order the better plan to get the food I LIKE. So far, on my first full day sticking to it , has been well. I enjoy the fact that there is all different types of food you can eat and you literally eat all day! The main thing about actually sticking to nutrisystem is liking what you are putting your mouth. If it taste gross, it will remind you when your parents stuck cauliflower on your plate and made you eat it as a child (ick!)

I can’t say I am in love with nutrisystem because crap, its expensive but I will say this is something to help guide you and start off your weightloss. I recommend for the most part, if you cannot afford it I recommend calorie counter app available on Android & Apple store called Lose it! Many people at work use it and they love it! That will be my next ” try it out” if this doesn’t work ;).

Let me know how many weight loss systems you’ve tried and if they work!

Xo V

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