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So.. I’ve become recently addicted to selling my pre-loved, like new, or even new clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup on Poshmark! It’s seriously been a life savor from having to deal with ebayish and grab some extra cash. With me trying to save up to buy me a new handbag and learn to clean my closet out and not hoard I’ve been able to do it with just a snap of a photo all on my cell! It’s an app you download and just follow the steps super easy.

This isn’t a sponsored post but I am beyond obsessed and thinks every person should try it out! Customers pay for shipping & you can choose to give seller discounts such as bundle packages, make offers on items and best part is poshmark already takes out there commission so you know exactly what you are getting!

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Artis brush dupes!

I am obsessed with makeup brushes, I am constantly looking for new tools to contour and highlight with and even put on my foundation. I was seeing everyone on Instagram using these Artis brushes and I became obsessed! Looking at the price point though I was a bit freaked out spending at least $40 minimum for one of these beauties! So the next best thing was to search and search everywhere for some dupes and I found some at an AMAZING price point!

KINGMAS® Oval Makeup Brush Cosmetic Foundation Cream Powder Blush Makeup Tool

So these brushes are both small and not a giant oval brush BUT this is perfect for highlighting and contouring! I bought one for each! At the price point of…. $4.99 & $2.25 with $1 shipping on Amazon I was like SCORE!  Let’s be honest, with a dupe and that price point I wasn’t sure if they would be great but I was actually extremely surprised!

The brush spread creams so well, leaving barely any product left on the brush. The bristles were beyond soft and cushiony and does great with powder as well. I am deff going to be splurging and buying a few more including a giant oval brush!

If you are interested in purchasing these you can click here and here. If you are interested in getting the real thing and letting me be extremely envious of you, you can purchase it here.


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