Tarte Bamboo Foundation Brush- Review



A few weeks ago, I was on the look out for a new foundation brush. My favorite Sephora Foundation brush finally was at an end. I wash my brushes religiously and condition them to keep them in pristine shape and unfortunately my brush just got extremely hard and was no good anymore :(.

I decided to go with the Tarte airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush¬†and I friggen love it! It’s so fluffy and it gives me such an amazing airbrush look after putting my foundation on. It builds up your foundation so well and blends amazingly! The only downside I see after using it for a few weeks is that it can absorb product but I haven’t seen too much absorption on my end, and definitely not enough for me to say no to this brush!

What is your favorite foundation brush to use?

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Tarte Foundation Brush



Sephora Hand Masks



I live for Sephora, my theory is if I ever die please drag my body to Sephora or Nordstrom. I went on a major Sephora haul a few weeks ago and silly me should have done a post on it but, you know life happens. On Sunday nights, I have a ritual I get a glass bottle of wine, brush my teeth, wash my face, make a hot bubble bath, and put a face mask on. This Sunday, I decided to actually try out the new Sephora hand masks that I purchased and it wasn’t what I expected.. it was SO much better!!

Let’s just say, my hands aren’t like a babies bottom and I wish everyday for them to feel like that. I went and snagged the Aloe Vera hand mask and it literally slayed my evening. I put my little hands in these gloves and instantly I just felt all that moisturizer lather my hands up and it was so perfect! You leave this baby on for 20 minutes and when you take it off, you will have excess product but you rub it in and my hands felt amazing! I mean for $6 you can’t go wrong and trust me, I’ll be stocking up on these babies!

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Finesse Hair Care Products – Review




I was given the opportunity to try out this Finesse shampoo and conditioner that Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner “swear by” so I was a little excited, I tried it a few times prior to deciding to write this review. I’m pretty stuck on what types of “lower end” conditioners and shampoos I use so I was a bit skeptical¬†if this would actually help my hair feel softer, and stronger.

First off, the smell was nice but it wasn’t the best smelling, second I have pretty strong and thick hair already and I didn’t really see a difference in shine, but the softness was there ( but I put more conditioner then I probably should).

The one thing I do like about this product is the price point, it’s extremely cheap and for the price, people that do have damaged or weak hair should give this a try. You can’t go wrong with trying a $4 shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re interested in giving this product a go you can purchase it at Walgreens & Wal-Mart




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